The Jetro Podcast

Gangs in the Trampoline Park, Nat Almost got Shot in the Womb, Eagles are Extinct in 2019, and Running Into Our Crackhead Classmate

Episode Summary

In this wacky Jetrisode, the boys analyze the nightmare that is Philadelphia Eagles Football right now...they lost to the stinking' Miami Dolphins who are actively tanking. Why is it whenever this team competes against Ryan Fitzpatrick they make him look like a frickin Super Bowl MVP? It's outrageous...anyhow, we celebrate the good, as The Flyers and Sixers have been dominating their games in South Philadelphia. Can they keep the streak up. Later, we discover that another host on this show almost got shot in the workplace, while the other almost died before he even had a chance to live. Plus, find out what our crackhead classmate from broadcasting school is up to these days. That and more on the Jetro Podcast!